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Supercharging Web3 Community Growth

Zesh is building on SKALE Network an integrated suite of AI-powered apps, leveraging zkML and ultra-gamified models, designed to solve the challenges that Web3 projects face in growing and developing genuine communities.

AI-driven SocialFi

The next era of digital identity and ownership, where your unique value is recognized and rewarded for being the driving force behind projects you believe in.

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One Suite, Many Apps

From automated payments in any token to tracking user engagement, our apps can be deployed quickly on any blockchain and managed easily to accelerate any project’s growth.

Our suite of apps helps Web3 projects build their communities of believers and supercharge them with minimal effort, utilizing advanced AI techniques and gamification.

Simplified Onboarding from Web2 to Web3

With the potential to increase Web3 wallet users by up to 30X, enabling Web2 users, especially cryptocurrency owners, to seamlessly integrate into Web3 communities is essential for supercharging their growth.

To achieve the seamless experience we integrate smart wallets behind a more familiar Web2 style interface. Additionally, we leverage our Zesh Academy as a guiding beacon, simplifying the journey for Web2 users to become active contributors in Web3 projects.

Gamified Campaigns that Deliver Results

Whether you’re a brand new Web3 project, a well established entity or an influencer, Zesh is the go-to platform to engage with your community in a highly gamified environment.

Our unique gamification system stimulates even top users to increase their activity and contribute more to your community. Easily define tasks and rewards, ensuring that only your target audience participates. Filter out bots and enhance real user engagement.

Unique Community Insights with Advanced AI

With our unique system Zesh Analytics that uses advanced AI we can track and evaluate users activity on Telegram and Discord, providing both quantitative and qualitative insights, making it easy for Web3 projects to identify genuine ambassadors and reward them.

With the assistance of our advanced system, we can detect overall community sentiment, identify bad actors, generate a list of main topics with associated sentiment, and much more, offering a complete overview of communities and their members.

Your Home is Our Home

Zesh Apps are by nature blockchain agnostic, meaning we can support any project on any blockchain, and our mission is to make your job simpler and more effective.

Our team and advisors have a wide variety of experience within the crypto industry across different networks. Projects face the same challenges in building and supercharging their communities irrespective of the chain they’re on which is why we aim to serve everyone on any chain.

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AI Integration
User Tracking

The Team

We proudly introduce the ZESH team – a dedicated group of blockchain experts, business developers, and creative minds, all driven by a shared mission to revolutionize the Web3 landscape.

Marius Martocsan


Serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience building successful Web2 businesses, including a bettors community and platform that sold for 7 figures. Proven leader and visionary with the skills to build ZESH and bring real utility and value for Web3.

Ian Povey


A seasoned writer and communication professional with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple industries and media formats. Able to leverage over two decades of experience in content creation, storytelling, and narrative shaping.

Ravpreet Grover


Data-driven CMO with a passion for growth strategy, market penetration, and product innovation in the tech and Web3 sectors.

Vlad Stanescu


Tech-savvy serial entrepreneur; CEO, CTO and co-founder of ZentoShop / Blugento, founder of CashControl, with a focus on eCommerce, Fintech, and business software.

Alexandru Ion


Cybersecurity expert with 9 years in the field, seasoned in penetration testing, skilled at identifying web app vulnerabilities.

Ioana Caramavrov


AI specialist with a Master’s in Computer Security u0026amp; AI, adept in digital security, biometrics, deep learning. Developed security for banking apps, advanced in neural networks and AI research.

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