How Essential is AI for Web3 SocialFi and Community Growth?

How Essential is AI for Web3 SocialFi and Community Growth?

This week, Elon Musk said that the Optimus robot he’s developing will be ready for release by the end of next year. As a sentient AI system, it will replace many jobs, and that idea strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Public opinion is divided over whether AI will benefit or harm society. Since this technology will bring positive transformations to Web3, we’re integrating it into everything we do.

Web3 needs AI more than any other area of technology because its development is so fast-paced. Projects that don’t use AI will be at a considerable disadvantage to those that do.

Take community building, for instance. How can projects find the time to scroll through endless comments, sifting valuable contributions from engagement farming bots? They can’t.

It’s a common criticism within Web3 that project founders sometimes seem indifferent to their communities’ wishes or needs. We believe this isn’t intentional; it’s a byproduct of information overload and limited time and resources.

The beauty of AI is that it can do the heavy lifting, the grunt work of sifting through data to find the most valuable and highlight it. It goes far beyond two-dimensional metrics and allows teams to dive more deeply into understanding their communities.

Rather than just identifying bots, Zesh will be able to differentiate low-value community members from high-value ones. This essential insight alone means that teams can focus more of their efforts on the members who deliver the most effective results.

Tracking and analyzing shifting sentiments within the community is also key to avoiding many common pitfalls. It helps identify issues before they become problems so they can be addressed or mitigated.

Building a community is just one part of success in Web3. Maintaining it is much more challenging. Zesh’s insights will help keep projects moving forward and help them quickly react to any loss of engagement or confidence.

Without AI, managing a community would require significant time and resources. With Zesh, it will seem almost effortless and natural.

As Ioana, our Chief AI Officer, says,

Why make life hard when we have the technology with AI to make it so much easier?

Zesh is building the essential tools every Web3 project needs to rapidly enhance its presence.

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