How Zesh Will SKALE Up Your Experience of Web3

How Zesh Will SKALE Up Your Experience of Web3

We’re thrilled to reveal that we’ve chosen SKALE as our blockchain of choice for deploying Zesh Apps. We were drawn to SKALE because of its innovative approach to blockchain technology, which is focused on the next wave of new users to Web3.

One such case in point is their approach to gas fees – they don’t charge any. For everyone who witnessed the incredible growth of NFTs during the last bull market, gas fees were a constant source of pain.

Although Ethereum has taken some steps to address the issue, such as their Dencun upgrade, these fees are still a pain point for users. Because gas fees increase as network traffic increases, they will always be counterproductive for growth.

SKALE’s solution to the problem significantly influenced our decision to partner with them. Their fee model remains constant even during high volumes, so it’s ideally suited to maximizing growth in the Web3 ecosystem.

At Zesh, we’re focused on making the user experience feel like a Web2 experience, and transparent fees are a vital ingredient in our formula. New users to Web3 naturally expect zero gas fees, so SKALE is perfectly aligned with our vision.

Another key factor is SKALE’s approach to security. Again, as anyone with deep experience in Web3 knows, security is paramount.

SKALE uses an enhanced security model that involves random node selection and frequent node rotation to ensure robust protection from attacks. Trust is vital for onboarding new users, especially given the often negative narratives toward crypto portrayed in the mainstream media.

While their zero gas fee model will help with scalability as we look to onboard millions of new users to Zesh, and security builds trust, we also looked for another critical element – speed. SKALE’s network architecture is designed to optimize for high-performance deployments.

Many of Zesh’s users will want to incorporate on-chain activity into their campaigns, so speed and reliability are crucial. Again, considering the expectations of new users entering Web3 from a familiar Web2 environment, lag and latency are anathema to adoption.

SKALE’s low latency and instant finality stood out from competitors when we considered our options for partnering with a network. During the upcoming bull market, Web3 will face stiff competition from centralized Web2 companies as mainstream adoption grows.

Although some users may appreciate the benefits of decentralization that Web3 offers, many are likely to be put off by transaction delays. Speed is critical for maintaining an engaging and responsive user experience on Zesh.

After reviewing the opportunities SKALE presented, we are delighted to choose them as our partner chain. Their approach satisfies all our requirements for zero gas fees, enhanced security, scalability, and speed.

We’re excited to have found a chain Zesh and our devoted Zeshians can finally call home.


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