Introducing Zesh Portal: Transforming Skeptics into Believers with AI-Driven SocialFi

Introducing Zesh Portal: Transforming Skeptics into Believers with AI-Driven SocialFi

While the market heats up and the distant sound of stampeding bulls can be heard, it’s still quiet for new users entering the space. The social metrics are obvious across X and YouTube – prices may be up, but views aren’t.

This leads to increasing competition between projects, all vying for attention and eyeballs. The problem is that the pool of users isn’t increasing. That makes it harder to grab people’s attention and even harder to keep them engaged.

The problem has worsened since Elon Musk added monetization to X. You can’t move through your timeline without being bombarded by identical engagement farming posts.

The space is getting more competitive, and people are growing tired of the same old approaches that worked in the last bull run. So, what do projects do? How do they not only compete but also stand out?

The solution is zkML AI-driven SocialFi, which sounds like a mouthful but is, in fact, an elegantly simple solution to this problem. People need SocialFi to make their engagement worthwhile, and they need zkML to build trust.

Zesh Portal

Zesh Portal combines these two approaches, adding a generous serving of gamification.

SocialFi without zkML is soon to be an outdated concept, as people’s trust in Web3 is at an all-time low. SBF and Do Kwon gave the mainstream media all the ammunition they needed to demonize and vilify the space; zkML helps to redress the balance.

The privacy-preserving aspect of zkML keeps the precise workings of our proprietary algorithm hidden so that competitors can’t steal it. At the same time, it acts as proof of fairness, showing that rewards are distributed correctly and without manipulation.

By integrating it into SocialFi, we help build trust among every participant. However, trust is just one ingredient in the recipe for building a loyal and committed community. You also need to satisfy their dopamine desire, which is why we use gamification.

Zesh Portal dives deep into the Web3 gamification space, bringing a new narrative to our engagement strategies. We take skeptical users and transform them into believers through an XP-style approach.

Zesh Portal Analytics

As users progress through different campaigns, they see their status increasing and leveling up within the Zesh ecosystem. As their position in the hierarchy increases, the rewards they stand to gain from each campaign they engage with increase as well.

In return, projects gain access to ever-more-committed users, and our advanced AI metrics give actionable insights into genuine users. This means projects can adjust their campaign strategies to get the results they desire.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with Zesh Portal, which integrates seamlessly into all of the Zesh apps and can be deployed across any blockchain. We’re not only building the technology to help projects accelerate their community growth, but we’re also growing a pool of genuine users looking to engage with the best Web3 projects out there.

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