Marius Martocsan Zesh Founder

Marius Martocsan: Building a Web3 Powerhouse

Six years ago, Marius Martocsan, our CEO,  thought he’d made it. Following the sale of his company for a seven-figure sum, he was planning his retirement at just 34 years old.

However, the drive and enthusiasm that had taken his business to such great heights needed feeding. It was this need that brought him into the world of crypto.

As Marius describes,

“I have an unquenchable desire to be constantly active and learning new things. When I want to learn something, I dive deep, starting with their communities.”

He continues,

“One of my investments was in COTI, and soon I was one of the most active members of their community. In no time, I ended up with almost 5,000 followers and 5 million views per month at that time. That was when Ran from Crypto Banter started to follow me, as I knew in the smallest details what was happening with COTI.”

His passion and focus on communities make Marius stand out in the Web3 world. Before crypto, his focus had been Web2 communities and how to grow them. As a result, he developed one of the largest online gambling communities in the world.

He says,

I built one of the biggest communities in the world and had everything I wanted, but every day, I was on our forum with my community, getting first hand feedback. People thought it was odd that the CEO spent so much time speaking with the community. But these people are the heart of the business; they were essential to me; it was a real pleasure.”

Spending so much time in Web3 communities, Marius noticed a disturbing trend: people weren’t treated properly. It was as if the projects didn’t understand how valuable and essential their communities were to them.

He explains,

“I was upset to see so many power users that weren’t being rewarded by the community they support. It wasn’t clear whether any of the feedback they were giving was being considered. I thought it was such a waste of valuable community members.”

Through these insights, Marius decided to set up Zesh.

“I started to have some good ideas about what could be done to improve things. Instead of making those changes, everyone told me, OK, make the apps you’re suggesting, and we’ll use them. That’s why I set up Zesh, because today, there’s no real solution to centralize feedback and give a true voice to your community that is Web3 based. There’s Canny and FeatureBase, which are very, very good products, but they’re Web2. There’s no Web3 project that can do what they do yet.”

He continues,

“Also there’s no way to identify who your power users are automatically. The current solutions are very basic; they rely on simple metrics that can easily be exploited. So here I am, back in action after my early retirement.”

Using his connections from decades of working in the tech sector, Marius assembled an incredible team with a shared passion and vision for revolutionizing Web3 community development. It was crucial for him that the team would be made up of experts and approach the project professionally.

“I have seen so many unprofessional people in Web3; no wonder there are so many rug pulls and many projects fail. I don’t want to offend anyone, but OMG, some of them. So I love that our team are all professionals in their field and have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world.”

It’s this shared vision and expertise that makes Zesh a powerhouse. We’re aiming to capitalize on the talents of our team and the timing of the upcoming bull market to propel Zesh to be the go-to solution for Web3 community building.


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