The Key to Web3 Success

The Key to Web3 Success – Building and Managing a Community

In 2008, Kevin Kelly, a prominent figure in the creator community, introduced the concept of “1,000 True Fans.” This theory says that success depends on nurturing a core group of dedicated supporters. Over time, Kelly’s theory has gained traction, proving its relevance in the creative industry and across the broader business landscape.

In the complex world of Web3, numerous projects, despite their cutting-edge technology and solid development, struggle to gain a foothold. It’s a familiar story in the business world: having a great product but failing in the market due to low visibility.

In an attempt to combat this, some projects spend heavily on marketing. But this raises an important question: what if people are interested in a project but struggle to find opportunities to actively engage with it?

Building and managing a community is crucial in Web3, where any misstep can trigger a wave of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). While some projects falter, others thrive amidst adversity, largely thanks to their engaged and loyal communities.

Acknowledging the importance of a solid community, we’re tackling the challenge head-on with a new suite of Web3 products. Our vision is to provide project founders and small teams with easy-to-use tools for community development.

After our initial development period, we’ll launch ZESH Pay, a system that automates payment and token distributions. This will be joined by Hype Tools, a customizable campaign app that boosts engagement for influencers and projects.

Zesh Pay and Hype Tools for growing Web3 Communites

Our approach draws upon the extensive experience of our team and advisors, who have dedicated years to building communities across both Web2 and Web3. Identifying the key elements needed to foster tight-knit communities is at the heart of our mission.

Often there’s a gap between what Web3 communities need and what project teams can offer. ZESH’s apps aim to bridge this gap, allowing projects to expand their community services and avoid common setbacks.

Without automated tools, managing campaigns and distributing rewards is cumbersome which often makes them ineffective. The headache of appointing administrators, setting payment schedules, ensuring task compliance, and summarizing data can be a barrier to running campaigns regularly.

By integrating ZESH tools into existing workflows, projects can quickly add advanced features without expanding their teams, saving time and money. At ZESH, we aim to create tools that enable projects to nurture vibrant communities, tapping into the growing influx of newcomers to the Web3 space.

Our suite of tools is not just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic approach to bridge the gap between cutting-edge blockchain projects and the vibrant communities they need to build. As we prepare to roll out our innovative solutions, we remain committed to the community-first ethos.

Our tools are designed to empower projects to build meaningful relationships, ensuring that every interaction adds value and nurtures loyalty. With tools like ZESH Pay and Hype Tools, we’re simplifying the complexities of community management.

By equipping projects with the right tools, we can help them turn their visionary ideas into thriving communities. Ultimately, this leads to sustainable success and an ever-expanding ecosystem in the dynamic and often unpredictable world of Web3.

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