Voices Matter as Much as Rewards in SocialFi and Web3 Marketing

Voices Matter as Much as Rewards in SocialFi and Web3 Marketing

An area of community development we’re passionate about is empowering users and teams to communicate effectively with each other. It’s essential to help align everyone with a shared vision, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

Anyone familiar with the usual social media platforms such as X, Telegram, and Discord is all too aware of their inherent problems. Although X is doing tremendous work to reduce the number of bots on the system, they still plague the reply section.

Scams and impersonators can also be a headache for a busy team. That’s why we’re developing essential apps and systems to streamline and improve community engagement.

One of them, HODLers voice, will be extremely valuable for all projects, especially those that want to transition into decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Rather than trying to sift through comments, it prioritizes messages containing helpful information or from trusted users within the community. We achieve this through a combination of coding and AI integration.

As Marius, our CEO, explains,

If teams are unable to listen effectively to their communities, resentment can build and damage trust. HODLer’s voice draws from my decades of experience working with communities and understanding what conversation types are most important.

HODLer’s voice has various powerful tools built into it that enable people to communicate with the team and actively participate in raising and voting on proposals. It can be rolled out gradually, dynamically scaling to become more complex as the community grows.

We like to think of it as a pre-DAO app because it helps train community members in the steps needed to begin to take control of a project. It’s designed to emphasize the importance of discussion; building a community that teaches new members how to avoid some common pitfalls and rapidly increase their effectiveness in helping to shape the future of each project.

It doesn’t stop there. Our AI systems are designed to identify bots and low-value community members so that teams can either exclude or upskill them, helping grow more connected and engaged believers.

As free speech becomes more of a hot-button topic, governments will continue to regulate and coerce social media platforms to restrict or limit specific topics and conversations. We’ve already seen the chilling effect that governments can have on speech, which is why relying solely on platforms such as X has inherent risks.

Our apps are built by Web3 believers, firmly committed to the principles of decentralization and freedom. SocialFi goes beyond simple rewards; it must embrace all aspects that Web3 communities rely upon, so we’ve made communication a fundamental principle in the tools we’re bringing to the space.

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