Web3 Gamification and Gains: Zesh's Approach to SocialFi

Web3 Gamification and Gains: Zesh’s Approach to SocialFi

One of the things that makes it hard to understand how to accomplish success in Web3 is that most project founders are, by nature, technically minded. There are far more computer engineers as founders than there are entrepreneurs.

Given the disproportionate bias of their mindset toward tech compared with that of the general public, it’s no wonder that so many projects fail to get off the ground. The belief that tech is the essential aspect of Web3 is perhaps one of the biggest myths in the space.

People aren’t generally very technically minded. They’re not swayed by whether a project implements the latest breakthroughs in blockchain technology. Many don’t know the difference between an NFT and a Jpeg.

To capture people’s imagination, projects first need to understand why most people get into Web3. We’ll give you a clue: it’s not because they’re ardent supporters of decentralization.

Even among die-hard crypto fanatics, a significant motivating factor is price action – the potential to change their bank balance rather than the world. That’s why people get so angry when prices go down and so happy when prices go up.

They’re far less enthused by the next improvement to the tech, such as EIP-4844. Most people in the space don’t even know what Danksharding is. They probably think it’s NSFW.

This is why memecoins routinely outperform altcoins. They’re easy to understand and provide a high risk/reward ratio. They offer the dream that your $20 can turn into $200,000 overnight.

As our CEO Marius explains,

For many people, crypto and Web3 is like a casino. They come in with a small amount of money in the hope of having fun and making impressive gains.

In a casino, you have many different ways to play, from complex games such as Baccarat to simple games like slot machines. And guess which are the most popular? Slot machines.

Why? Because they’re simple to understand. People can enjoy themselves without it seeming like hard work. That’s like memecoins – simple to understand, so people can focus on having fun.

Zesh has taken Marius’s decades of experience working in online gaming communities and applied the same principles to Web3. This is why gamification and advanced analytics form fundamental parts of our approach.

Gamification entertains users and keeps them returning for more, just like the slot machines. Our advanced AI analytics offer the teams behind the projects in-depth insights into their communities, helping them adjust and constantly improve their engagement strategies.

Community building is hard work, but without the right tools and insights, it’s impossible. That’s why Zesh exists: to drive the next wave of development in SocialFi and help make Web3 growth easier for the projects we work with.


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